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The Bully & The Bullied

The Bully and The Bullied is a book written about a topic that transcends race, economic status, and culture. Bullying has destroyed many lives all around the world. This book not only touches those who are affected by bullying, but it also addresses the bully as well. In this book both the bully and bullied have an opportunity to express themselves from their different points of view. This book is sure to spark conversations from both the “bully and the bullied” that we might put an end to bullying altogether.

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Papi can you teach me how...?

Papi Can You Teach Me How...? is about self-discovery. It emphasizes the need to embrace your individuality and uniqueness and to be free of judgement or criticism. This book focuses on teaching children to be strong, focused and confident enough to be who they truly are.


Papi What if I

"Papi, what if I...?" is the second book in a series that inspires kids to discover their individuality that's found in each and every child. It challenges parents, teachers and every adult to accept and encourage each child's uniqueness.


I Am is the final book in a three-book series that encourages and empowers children of every age to embrace who they are no matter their differences. It shows how who you are and who you will become originates from the power that's already within.

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Chosen To be Challenged

Chosen to be Challenged was written toreaffirm that challenges are meant to beovercome. God designed them that way! Thisbook will help reshape the thought processregarding obstacles and their intended purpose.Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it will neverchange you. You have been chosen for this challenge.

What Happens After the challenge?

What Happens after the Challenge is volume two
of the Challenge Series. The first volume, Chosen
to be Challenged, gave readers the necessary tools
to live life as a victor and not a victim. This self-help
guide gives instruction and insight about the human
gift of reinvention. The next logical step is evolution
to a new and better you!

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