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  Advancing towards social reformation by individual transformation.


To transform humanity into Strong, Focused, Confident and Defined human beings by promoting individuality, uniqueness and self-empowerment.



Our logo is The Peacock, which is one of this worlds most beautiful creatures. Unlike any of its kind. The peacock represents who we are for one reason in particular, and that is its way of handling threats, intimidation, and its enemies. The only defense mechanism the peacock has and uses effectively is its beauty. When a peacock feels threatened, intimidated, or attacked his retaliation or defense is to spread its beautiful plumage and display its natural beauty. He does this to confuse its enemies. That’s right, it allows its most beautiful self to be seen. One of SFC’s goals is that we want to perpetuate a society that when we feel threatened, intimidated, and/or attacked, you don't retaliate with violence but instead, like the peacock you allow beauty to come out. Your inner beauty, your uniqueness, your creativity, your individuality.

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