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Together, let's accomplish your personal or business goals.  Choose the best way I can help you!​


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My Coaching services are evidence-based and designed to help you reach your personal health and wellbeing goals.  My techniques are structured around the changes that you want to make in your life when you are ready to make them.  You are empowered through this process to identify the life you want to be living and will not be told by me what your life “should” look like.  We will meet one on one and sometimes in groups to provide support and accountability to reach your health and wellbeing goals over a period of weeks together. If you’re ready to make healthy, goal-directed changes in your life – Wellbeing Coaching is for YOU!


Are you looking for an engaging motivational speaker to speak at your next conference or event? Well, look on further.  Cory is an interactive and dynamic motivational speaker that you would want to have at your next event. He is passionate about helping people live more fulfilling lives through remaining strong, staying focused, and maintaining self-confidence.


Maneuvering through this big world can often be a challenge, especially when you are trying to move up to your NEXT LEVEL. However, working with a Mentor can provide you with the tools, resources, and supports needed to step-up into your next level with confidence. Cory’s mentorship service will provide you with real life situations and practices that will challenge and guide you. You will also be connected to individuals and organizations for additional support, resources, and opportunities.

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