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Cory A. Graves

is an author, speaker and coach.

Cory A. Graves is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Author, Mentor, Chief Executive Officer, and Community Leader. He believes in providing encouragement and motivation for all people. He enjoys helping individuals realize their inner strength through remaining strong, staying focused, and maintaining self-confidence.

“Every challenge and/or adversity should be used as a reason to succeed as opposed to an excuse to fail”.

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Meet Cory A. Graves

Cory is a motivational speaker, author, spiritual-leader and visionary. For over 30 years, he has used his practical teaching style to eloquently engage a wide range of audiences nation-wide. His experience and innate ability to connect offers insight into overcoming the challenges or roadblocks to success.

Cory is the founder of SFC Defined, an organization with the mission and vision is to transform humanity into Strong, Focused, Confident and Defined human beings by promoting individuality, uniqueness and self-empowerment. He has assembled a group of diverse professional men and women with a vast array of experiences and knowledge to assist people from every age group, ethnic background, and genre to define who they are while not allowing other people’s opinion to be more important than their own.

He is the current Board Chairman for Bottom Up Outreach and serves on several boards throughout the Triad area that focus on children and adults with mental and physical disabilities, as well as at risk youth and adolescents.


Cory is the author of “The Challenge Series”. Book One: “Chosen to be Challenged” gives readers the necessary tools to live life as a victor and not a victim. Book Two: What Happens After the Challenge? It’s Time to Reinvent!” is a self-help guide that gives instruction and insights about the human gift of reinvention.

He is a graduate of East Carolina University where he majored in Special Education and Psychology. Cory is a former educator, a two-time recipient of Teacher of the Year recognition from two different school systems, as well as the Lead Pastor of White Oak Grove MBC in Greensboro, NC.

A Brown Summit, North Caroline native, Cory lives in Colfax, NC. When he is not working, Cory enjoys spending time with his five-year old grandson.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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